Thursday, January 12, 2012


Pen in hand (blue or black), I come to this question in the basic information box.


This question, on the endless stream of paperwork that I have completed in my short life, seems to stump me always.

Christian, the word, came to mean the collective followers of Christ. I, being baptised into His death am a Christian, I follow and walk with Him in the journey that is my life on this earth. This is how I see it. Society wants more.

The word religion comes from the latin, Religare ‘to bind.’ What is my religion? What do I bind myself to? Thinking honestly, it is not always Jesus who is first in my thoughts. But I am in His. Religion is blamed for so much, wars and death, persecution and judgement, but religion is a manmade ideal, and as such is not without Sin.

This video illustrates why Jesus is greater than Religion.

With my blue or black pen, entirely in block letters, I will write Christian, for that is my religion.

In my life, I will love Jesus, for He is my Saviour.

Jesus>Religion. Know the difference.

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