Friday, June 3, 2011

Come run with me.

We all need down time. And we all have those certain things we like to do when we eventually find a pocket of time for down time. Me? I like to run. I like to be out on the road. Just me and my nikes. And my King. 
When I go for my down time expeditions, I love to say "come run with me" to my King, who is also my friend. We run together and talk together and come up with wild ideas and crazy plans together. I sometimes think I hear Him speak most clearly when I am out doing down time.
Each time I hang with my King I grow. Sometimes I'm thankful. Other times I'm simply spent. Sometimes I feel like I'm just grappling with Him. But it's all part of the growing. 
So here is the challenge. Say it. Ask Him to come along and spend down time with you. Come read with me. Come fishing with me. Come and watch re-runs of Get Smart with me (this might also be a good time to assess your down time activities... "come stalk people on Facebook for hours with me" may not go down so well... it might be time to invest your down time in something else). 
So when you find your moments of down time, choose to grow. Ask the King to come along.

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